General Studies - Art, English, Math, or Science


Start Here, Get There

Program Overview

This emphasis area is a suggested curriculum designed to provide a well-rounded education for students who want to follow a general course of study in Art, English, Math or Science. It may be useful to the student who wishes to attend only two years of college or to the student who plans to transfer to another institution but still needs the broad background of course work in the freshman and sophomore years. The General Education associate degree is offered on our Alliance, Scottsbluff and Sidney campuses.


  • Provide for the well-rounded development of the individual.
  • Permit the student to explore various fields that may lead to a major in the liberal arts or a specialized area.

Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Art in General Studies
Associate of Science in General Studies

Career Opportunities
An associate degree in General Education can serve as the foundation for a wide variety of four-year degrees, opening the door to an unlimited number of careers.