Board of Governors


The Nebraska Legislature, pursuant to the laws of the State of Nebraska, authorizes the establishment of a statewide independent system of locally governed community colleges.

The Legislature has declared a community college to be truly responsible to the people it serves. Primary control of such colleges must be placed in the citizens within its geographical area. The intent and purpose of this Act is to create locally-governed and locally-supported community college areas with the major educational emphasis on occupational education.

Each community college area is intended to be an independent, local, unique, and vital segment of higher education separate from both elementary and secondary school systems and from other institutions of higher education, and not to be converted into four-year baccalaureate degree-granting institutions. The Western Community College Area (WCCA) has been created for such intents and purposes.

Notice of Meeting - October 17, 2018

The Western Community College Area Board of Governors will hold a Regular meeting on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at 1:00 p.m., in Rooms 015 and 017 (Panhandle and Sandhills Rooms) Western Nebraska Community College, Alliance Campus, located at 1750 Sweetwater Avenue, Alliance, Nebraska.  The Board will meet informally for lunch at 11:30 a.m., at the Western Nebraska Community College Powerline and Indoor Training Facility, located at 1621 Kansas Street, Alliance, Nebraska.  A current agenda is available for public inspection in the College President’s office and the Board Secretary’s office, Western Nebraska Community College, Scottsbluff Campus.

BY:  Julienne K. Walworth, Chairperson

Board Policy Manual

Board of Governors

District One

Dr. Merlyn L. Gramberg (Chair)
Dr. Merlyn L. Gramberg

16211 South Highway 385
Chadron, NE 69337

Ms. Kimberly A. Marcy
Ms. Kimberly A. Marcy

3950 470th Rd
Hay Springs, NE 69347

District Two

Ms. F. Lynne Klemke
Ms. F. Lynne Klemke
P. O. Box 471
Oshkosh, NE  69154
Mr. R. J. Savely, Jr.
Mr. R. J. Savely, Jr.
P. O. Box 154
Lodgepole, NE  69149

District Three

Mr. Timothy H. Daniels
Mr. Thomas L. Perlinski

8154 B Road 106
Bayard, NE  69334

Mr. Richard G. Stickney
Mr. Richard G. Stickney (Vice Chair)
1435 Bel Air Avenue
Alliance, NE  69301




District Four

Ms. Karen Anderson

Ms. Karen Anderson
2220 Pacific Blvd.
Gering, NE  69341

Ms. Julienne K. Walworth
Ms. Julienne K. Walworth (Chair)
60019 Mitchell South Road
Mitchell, NE  69357

District Five

Dr. William M. Packard
Dr. William M. Packard
1523 Idlewylde Drive
Scottsbluff, NE  69361
Ms. Linda A. Guzman-Gonzales
Ms. Linda A. Guzman-Gonzales
614 Valley View Drive
Scottsbluff NE 69361


Dr. M. Thomas Perkins
Dr. M. Thomas Perkins
1010 East 35th Street
Scottsbluff, NE  69361


Dr. Todd R. Holcomb 1601 East 27th Street, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
Mr. William D. Knapper, Board Treasurer 1601 East 27th Street, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
Ms. Rosie Hernandez, Board Secretary 1601 East 27th Street, Scottsbluff, NE 6936l

Scottsbluff Campus 308.635.3606 or 1.800.348.4435 - FAX – 308.635.6100
Alliance Campus 308.763.2000 or 1.888.559.9622 - FAX – 308.763.2012
Sidney Campus 308.254.5450 or 1.800.222.9682 - FAX – 308.254.7444