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Western Nebraska Community College Foundation Receives $50,000 Donation

October 13, 2016

Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) today announced that it has received a $50,000 gift from WESTCO. As part of the WNCC Works: Expanding the Possibilities campaign, the gift will support the New and Expanding Programs fund through the campaign. The initial focus of the fund is to create an Applied Agriculture certificate training program, which will benefit local agribusinesses and producers by providing a highly skilled and trained workforce.

"The board and management of WESTCO are very excited that WNCC will begin offering an Applied Agriculture Certificate program next fall," said David Briggs, WESTCO president & CEO. "The agriculture industry is the largest part of our local economy, and having trained workers is a key component to working the land every year."

WESTCO is a cooperative owned by farmers in the Wyo-Braska region. With facilities in 16 communities and 250 employees, WESTCO provides products and services throughout Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming. WESTCO operates seven divisions; Agronomy, Feed, Jirdon, New Alliance, Petroleum, Slafter Oil, and Western Aviation.

The donation came in the midst of the fundraising campaign for the college, which will extend through the fall of 2016. This year also marks the landmark 90th anniversary of Western Nebraska Community College. The campaign has raised $8,500,000 so far, more than 90 percent of its goal. WNCC joins many community colleges that have launched campaigns to raise private donations and individual giving.

"This generous donation will be directed to support a much-needed Applied Agriculture certificate program here in the panhandle," said WNCC President Todd Holcomb. "WESTCO's gift will directly benefit the agriculture industry and local economy. We all know how vital agriculture is to rural Nebraska and especially the WNCC service area; we are pleased to be able to provide this responsive training opportunity through the New and Expanding Programs fund," he added.